There is no doubt in the world that Italian food is one of the best cuisines one can ever have. If you are looking for an authentic Italian restaurants in south yarra, then you should be doing your homework into finding one as there are a lot of restaurants that come with the name of serving authentic Italian food but are nowhere near to it in actual. If you follow the below tips and tricks, there are higher chances that you might be able to find a true taste of Italian cuisine. Let’s find out what are those;

  1. Market Research

Before you opt for dine in at a particular restaurant claiming to serve you with a true Italian taste, it is better that you conduct a market research of your own. This means, you could ask around your friends and family, or check out famous food groups and reviews about that specific restaurant into knowing about the food that is being served at a particular place. This will give you an insight as to whether you will be getting what exactly are you looking for or not.

  1. Specific Hours

If you are really into experiencing the true and authentic Italian food, then you should be knowing the fact that a true Italian restaurant serve only at specific hours. Italians are known to take their food timings very seriously hence, won’t serve you all day along. Their cocktail restaurant in prahran usually open up around 12pm for lunch till 2.30pm and for dinner, they start serving from 7pm till 11pm. If you find yourself an Italian restaurant serving all that, know that it is a tourist trap.

  1. Pictures on the Menu

Most restaurants try to lure in people by showing pictures on their menu card. An Italian restaurant is such that contains no pictures on their menu card. So if you see any restaurant serving food as true and authentic Italian food while have menu filled with pictures, you need to run away. All they are doing is trying to attract customers by showing good food but not providing them with Italian cuisine.

  1. Pizza

You all must be aware that pizza is an Italian food but did you know that pizza is that one dish that isn’t served during lunch hours in Italy. So if you are visiting a restaurant that indicates to be an Italian restaurant and are serving pizza for lunch, you should know that it is not an authentic place to offer you with an experience of trying Italian food. Italians only have pizzas for dinner so if the case is otherwise, this means the restaurant is catering to tourists.